yesterday evening I came back home from class and mom said...

..."E.T.A. is over"

I was, like, happy? But it really felt odd, because I didn´t have any hope for that. I thought nothing was gonna happen, but well, it happened!!
And it was just the day before yesterday when I was engaged in a 3 generations conversation about the subject and, you know, grandma said she was hopeful because of the taken steps towards peace and that she believed E.T.A. would be over in less than a week and, you know, mom and I are sort of sceptical people and we told her that was really difficult and that we didn´t have any kind of hope in that because of blah, blah, blah, and then, 24 hours later, it just happened.

It´s like and historical event.
It´s like the first historical event I feel part of!

It feels stupidly good :)
I never thought I would feel so happy because of it. I suppose I`ve got a more normal mind that what I thought...