can't stop laughing

I've seen this in twitter...
and oh, it's just for Spanish speakers...
But I've got to share it!

"-Yo te quiero, pero como amigos...
-¡¿Comes amigos?!"

Translation (it won't make sense...):
"<<I love you, but just as friends...>>
<<Do you eat friends?!>>"

The word for "as" and the 1st person singular for the verb "to eat" are the same in Spanish.


The Loud Hands Project

I should be studying so I'm not going to share any kind of personal experience or thought regarding this. I just think a look (at least) is worth it. The video is a really beautiful thing.
The project has got a facebook page, a twitter account and a tumblr page full of information.

They need money, even if they've already achieved their first goal. If you want to donate, here is their Indie gogo site.

Debería estar estudiando así que no voy a compartir ningun tipo de experiencia personal o reflexión sobre esto. Sólo quería decir que echar un ojo (al menos) merece la pena. El vídeo es algo verdaderamente precioso.
El proyecto tiene facebook, twitter y una cuenta en tumblr llena de información.

Necesitan dinero a pesar de que ya han alcanzado la primera meta. Si quieres donar, accede a su página en Indie gogo.


Replica Animal

I've got a little reflection to do about why I can not get attached to bloging, because the abandonement of this place is undeniable.
I suposse I haven´t been doing any deep thinking lately and that's why I don´t blog nor study nor blah,blah,blah.

Anyway this post is not about that, but about how great my my ucle's work is.
I can only take photos with my laptop's webcam right now so sorry about the quality but please have a look at the photos anyway!
Those are some present's he's made for me during the years (there's two bird missing...), there's more stuff in his page, which I've added to the web list in the left.

 First three photos show a mouse with a chestnut in an oval green platform. The mouse and the nut are painted in realistic colours.

Two latter photos show a bronze frog.