no todos somos "mamis" / It's not just moms

The definition for autism in the DRAE (official spanish dictionary) was just horrible and after many attempts a mainly social-network based initiative has achieved it: they are changing it for the next edition (2014) and I guess they'll change it on the web's advance to the new edition too (it's not done yet, don't know why) for a somehow better one. Whatever, that's not my point.
So everyone is celebrating it. It's on Twitter, loads of blogs, and newspapers, problaby in the news. Everyone is happy. Everyone is congratulating all the hard working moms and families.

It's not just the fucking moms, you know? There's loads of people who's not anyone's mom. Some are just concerned people that don't need to be a kid's mom to try and help. Some of us are just  autistics fighting for our own sake.
It's something we are able to do, and we do it.
We ourselves are part of it.
It's no ggod if you are celebrating something because it's good for us and you leave us out of it-

Oh my, I am annoyed.

P.S.: Sorry for the moms out there. I usually read some of your blogs and that stuff and I know you are working hard (whether it is in the right path or not, I'm not discussing now) and it's not you who's making me annoyed and this mad post is not against you, even if it may look like. Just, "oh, sorry!", because I'm not erasing the "fucking".


Clarissa said...

Great post! I'm adding it to my Sunday link encyclopedia.

Saia Sikira said...

O_O thank you!
wow I feel like I'm a decent blogger now xD

Lindsay said...

Is it the third definition that is offensive?

"[S]intoma esquizofrenico que consiste en referir a la propia persona todo cuanto aconotece a su alrededor"

I am not 100% clear on what the second half of that definition means ... is it something like the English word "solipsism"? Thinking of everything around you as if it were all happening in your own mind?

Saia Sikira said...

ok, I'm gonna try and translate it:


1. m. Repliegue patológico de la personalidad sobre sí misma.
2. m. Med. Síndrome infantil caracterizado por la incapacidad congénita de establecer contacto verbal y afectivo con las personas y por la necesidad de mantener absolutamente estable su entorno.
3. m. Med. En psiquiatría, síntoma esquizofrénico que consiste en referir a la propia persona todo cuanto acontece a su alrededor.

1. Patological folding of the personality upon itself.
2.infantile syndrome characterized by the congenite uncapability of mantaining social or afective contact with people and by the necesity of keeping the surroundings absolutely steady.
3. in psychiatry,schizofrenic symtom that consist in refering to the self everything that happens in the surroundings.

(I'm just back home after a really long working day so please ignore posible mistakes)

So about the third definiyion: not in your own mind but realted to you.

And about the offensiveness.. well it may be just that I'm not easy to offend but when I firs saw this I just laughed (specially to the first deffinition, because it sounds like a completely ridiculous thing to say in Spanish languague, nevermind the meaning-).
I don't know. I besically thought the deffinitions where wrong. Like the second :"infantile", as if it dissapeared at adolescence or something...
Anyway, the new deffinition (I'll search for it and link it tomorrow) doesn't really fit either...

Lindsay said...

OK. That's pretty much what I had literally translated it as --- "referring to the self everything that happens in the surroundings" --- I just didn't know what that meant. I got it into English, but I still couldn't get it to make sense. :/