#CorkAdventure in a new blog

Thank's to Ana's amazing idea of keeping her informed of her boots' whereabouts, I've found a brilliant way of relating my new life as an aupair in Cork.
And I'll do it in a new blog, DYKE BOOTS

I'm not 100% sure yet but I'll probably do it in Spanish, as the rest of my life's gonna be in English, but who knows anyway.

I will repost here anything I think is related to autism or important in some way not related to my auapir experience, and I promise I'll do an effort not to completely abandon this blog.

Don't forget to check it and you know :)


I hate it when people does things for me without me asking and they do them in the wrong way.

Like, you know, there's this guy who apparently likes me a lot, and yeah I also kind of like him, and he asked me to be his girlfriend but I said "no" because I was leaving, and the moment was not the best to explain things so I just said no.
And this morning he went to the restaurant before I was there and my mom told him I'm leaving.

So when I arrived he's looked at me with a sad look and he's said "So your leaving" and I said "Yes" and he asked "for how long" and I said "minimum 7 months" and his look's turned even sadder.

And shit.

(And yeah, this is me whining and I'm sorry about that but I needed to split it out)


Even if I shouldn't...

So, you know, me and blogging.
And still, I'm planning to star a brand new blog.
Because I'll be an au-pair as soon as October starts, and everyone else is too and I thought of a separate blog for au-pair matters and stories.

Even if I don't manage to have an only decent blog.
Even if I might not be the best au-pair in the world.