I am annoyed

So, the thing is I have logged in my account at the website of my university and there was like a huge link to a new about how a certain disabled girl has brilliantly ended a course there, a thanks letter from her mum and that stuff.
But there wasn´t a single word about which was the disability or in what way it difficulted the girl's learning.

Because, you know, every disabled person is equaly stupid so it´s always a good point to any uni to have helped any of those idiots' sweet and brave attempt of learning anything.

I am annoyed.

I will not make a case like this because I am not diagnosed, but you know, what if I was? I'm a sort of language genious getting a degree on English, but still, there will be a honey covered article about how a sweet young disabled girl had, with all her innate strenght, the teaching teams help and her classmates' good will, succesfully ended her studies and blah, blah, the day I graduated, even if I need none's help to study English by correspondence.