I'll just write here a bit

... because I like blogging.

I do, really.

My constancy sucks, but so does everything else :)

Now, to the matter.

I've probably told here before of my job in summer camps.
So well, I came back from Ireland earlier this year, generally speaking, because everything sucks, and it's summer now. That means summer job. That means summer camp.

That means children.
Oh, yes, those.

I don't think I can hate them any more than I already do.

I mean, they've got this way of asking things and you don't realise and suddenly you are not taking advantage of your free afternoons to study for your September exams anymore, because instead you are writing a play and making the costumes and stage decorations for that play and you are also planning a camping trip with them and you are also thinking of effective ways of teaching them how to draw elvish warriors riding dragons, when you can't even draw that yourself and they get frustrated in step one- draw an oval.

["Why do you always get your ovals right?"
"My oval looks like a potato, I'm gonna start over." *takes a new piece of paper*
"But how do you draw an oval?"
"Don't say you just learnt, someone must have taught you to properly draw ovals"
"This is impossible- can't we draw a face without an oval?"]

I don't think every person dealing with children ends up like this... there must be some secret word or something, to stop them from having ideas...