Love Berrish / Transsexualism

I’ve lately been devoting just too big a percentage of my time to Manga considering I’m in my exams weeks (but I’m a good girl and ‘ve read The Woman who Walked Into Doors too, and I’m, by the way, loving it a lot).
The thing is that the last manga I’ve been reading (Love Berrish) has got a transsexual character on it.
And I totally love how it’s just a character, not even the main one, just a friend, and how there’s not any fuss about her gender issues (gender issues?) apart from what herself makes (she’s 16 and she’s not having an easy time and whatever, and some people seem to be eager to expose her and she lacks confidence, but you know, that’s all part of being 16 too...).
So I reckon this is really good for the normalization and acceptation of transsexualism in society, much better than those documentaries Nominatissima wrote about and their weird emphasises*. Just click the link to understand what I'm refering to.
I may even be wrong, since I’m not really into this and my focus may be not the best one, but still: it just made me happy.

*Is emphasises the plural for emphasis? My English is just shit-


Anonymous said...

Emphases is the plural.

- Stringer bell

Saia Sikira said...

thanks :)