my bad/big surprise

I just stopped both blogging and caring about blogs for a whole month. I'm sorry. In case anyone missed me.
Sadly enought, it is not that I was doing any interesting stuff (I would have posted about it if I had!) or studying hard or anything I just went messy. My bad.

And for you to know, the only reason why I'm writing now is that, well... I'm surprised. You may even have missed me after all! I mean: I logged in in my account in order to enter a new blog in my bloglist and found that in this silent month of mine my blog has received more visits than in any other (I'm gonna skip the details, it's too shameful).

Don't think of this post as me coming back but just as me saying "don't you guys worry, I'm still alive", mainly because I've got my exams on three weeks now and I'm pretty far behind in every single subject so I shouldn't be back precisely now or whatever but I may even be. Who knows.

And who knows about that book challenge and who knows about everything else...

Well, you can count with me being back the moment I've got something to say.

This post was some sort of "thank you for being there even if I'm not".

That's it.


Saiko said...

¡Hola, Saia! Pásate por aquí: http://aspiechan.blogspot.com.es/2012/04/premio-blog-original.html

Es un regalo para ti. Espero que te guste :). ¡Un abrazo!

Sigo leyéndote, aunque no comente (Muchas veces no sé qué decir).

Saia Sikira said...

hey!! ya he escrito en tu blog pero... ¿gracias por el premio y, sobre todo, por leerme! :)