It has begun

New post in English, sorry about the errors.

So the exam of Linguistics has been OK, but I've got a problem with the oral exam I'm supposed to do this afternoon for English.
The thing is that it has to be done with a specific program on a specific web which keeps giving me problems at home, so I have to make it on the computer room here on the Uni.
I'm sipposed to talk to a computer while being surrounded by people, some of them doing the same and some waiting for me to finish so they can do it.

Oh please, I can not make such a thing!

I'm feeling the anxiety growing on me since Monday, and it is troubleing my study. Oh shit! I'm turning back to being a freaked out chaos worth absolutely nothing.

In addition, I'm having lunch at my Grandma's and there is a chance that my cousin N. (can't find a proper name for her) will be eating there too. Mhh- my cousing trated me like if I was a complete idiot the last time I saw her and I've benn avopiding her since.

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