It's been a while since Clarissa expressed her opinion about brilliance in students and it made me think "Oh, she's wrong, she's so wrong" but I decided not to tell my opinion in that moment.
However, I've just received evidence to support my view and that's why I'm writing this (which is bassically boasting).

I'm cursing my second year in "Estudios Ingleses: Lengua, Literatura y Cultura" at unibersity. I made an enormous mistake (or maybe, not that enourmous, or not a mistake at all xD) and took all the subjects of the course. I soon learnt that there wasn't time for all that in my life. The most time consuming subject was "Gender and Literature in English Speaking Countries". I loved it, so totally loved it, but properly working on it was going to make me fail the rest of the subjects, so I dropped it. I would work hard on it my whole Summer and take my exam on September.

So I dind't prepare the subject at all.
I decided to do the exam anyway, just to give it a try.

And well, it's a shame I will not be able to get a distinction on September... but I'm pretty happy with my 80 points!!

And now, the conclussion of it all: Brilliance does work, but you've got to be brilliant enought.


Clarissa said...

Of course, brilliance works. But it can only carry you to a certain point. A time always comes when a patient plodder will catch up with a brilliant lazy bones person :-) and leave him or her far behind.

Good job on the exam!

Saia Sikira said...

Of course, I'm not saying brilliance works better than hard work, because it obviously does not.
But if the first happens to be directed in the right way, and the second in the wrong one, then it's the other way... like, I can't help feeling bad about my mark on this exam because there are loads of people who worked hard on the subject that failed it.

I suppose the actual thing is that there are some fields that ask for brilliance (a little of it, accompanied by hard work). Example: literary criticism.

But I bassically wrote the post out of the enormous amount of love I was feeling towards myself, so don't take it too seriously :)