This post will be inmenselly stupid but I relly need to blurt it out...

I've been reading tons and tons of shoujo manga lately, concretelly school-life ones: "Usotsuki Lily", "Love Berrish", <<Say "I love you">>, "Strobe Edge", "Five" (this one is fun :)), "Stardus Wink", "Rockin' Heaven", "Love and Noise" and "Hiyokoi".

It's an emergency situation!
At this rate, I will dump Dir en Grey for Ayumi Hamasaki any day now-

The thing is that I can not find any decent manga lately. So just in case anyone has a recomendation: Please!! I can not have any other troubled heroine in love!!
I need to find something engaging and interesting in the lines of Dead Note, Deadman Wonderland, Para-Paru or even Fairy Tail-
There are a bunch of interesting looking stories out there but the drawings are horrible in all of them, and that's what's good in those shoujo mangas: the drawings need to be as cute as the characters, so they're good.


Lindsay said...

I am quite fond of "Azu Manga Daioh" --- it's about a group of high-school girls (and one adorable and brilliant ten-year-old who is also in their class) and all the silly adventures they have together.

It's kind of episodic, in that there's not a grand unifying narrative arc, but I really like the humor and the focus on character. Each character is really quite odd in her own way, and there are lots of running jokes about that.

Saia Sikira said...

oh!! thankyou!! I'll give it a try and tell you what I think :)