day 1: your favorite book

So, I don’t know. I ain’t got an idea!

I spent my teen years saying that “The Dark Elf” by R.A. Salvatore was my favorite book. I still love it a lot, but I love (and  loved) it more as a symbol in my life than as a piece of literature. Whatever.
And that’s what happens with most of the books I love. I don’t love them because of the plot and the language but because of external reasons, because I link them with personal experiences and I don’t think that’s the way of choosing a favorite book.

And then, I’ve got a thing for books, so I like and enjoy everything I read or else I don’t read it, and I’ve got a shelf full of books right behind my desk and I’m searching along the titles and none really stands out as one that I liked over the rest.


The book I recomended to more people in the last couple of years is Diane Setterfield’s “The Thirteenth Tale”, so I’ll choose it as my favorite.
I mostly liked the way it was writen, and the atmosphere.
I always have a pen and a notebook when I’m reading (since I read “Sophia’s World” then I was 16) and I note whatever thing that gets my atention or whatever thought I have while reading a certain phrase. I noted tones of things while reading “The Thirteenth Tale”. I loved the language above all, the images, the metaphors. I loved the tragedy. I loved how it was isolated from everything else and how you didn’t miss anything while reading.
When I read it for the 2nd time I found some things I didn’t like (mostly the treatment given  Adeline’s character) but the fisrt time, there was nothing, nothing, nothing that broke the enchantment. I was into the universe of Angelfiend as I have never been in any other.

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